Johnny Andrew Gigliotti Bailik, Founder – artist, yogi, fitness junkie, motorcycle enthusiast, mountain biker and snowboarder.

Johnny grew up in rural Pennsylvania. He truly valued spending time on his family’s farm amongst the vegetable gardens, orchards and herb gardens. Johnny has stated, “I was always fascinated by how the plants could have these magical powers contained inside them to help keep the body healthy and in balance.” During his college years he became engulfed in cultures of the past, and was especially intrigued with how ancient healers worked with the plants and the earth to sustain health in their tribes.

After graduating college, Mr. Bailik left Pennsylvania to pursue an advertising career in Los Angeles. Here he also immersed himself in ancient yogic practices, eastern philosophy and meditation. After spending several years working with large advertising agencies, he was offer to start working with one of America’s top herbal companies and there was introduced to the scope of the whole herbal industry.

Mr. Bailik noticed many products on the market that had fillers and cheap ingredients. With all of his past and new knowledge, this spawned his decision to start putting together his own herbal supplements and has never looked back.

Lastly, Johnny states that, “I had many synchronistic events and things happening and it felt like a calling with the goal of making the best products that mother nature can offer. And ultimately what I’m doing means nothing without sharing something that resonates and works for each of you.”


Nina Mel, Brand Ambassador – spiritual writer, author of “The Energetics of Yoga Asanas”, “The Unknown Chakras”, “The Key” and “Synthesis”, psychologist, founder and Editor-in-Chief of “Thoughtforms” and “New Yoga” magazines, yoga and meditation expert.

Nina is E-RYT 200, RYT 500 with American Yoga Alliance. She was featured in numerous magazines, such as Yoga magazine (UK), Yoga Journal (Russia), New Yoga (USA), 8Limbs (Australia) etc., appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal Russia for May-June 2012 issue and New Yoga Magazine (issue #4), presented her own style of yoga at international yoga festivals and Yoga Journal conferences in Russia.

Nina Mel stopped teaching group classes in 2013 and now focuses on book writing, providing psychological consultations and creating customized yoga and energy programs for yoga teachers, extreme sport athletes, professional dancers, and serious individuals who understand the importance of personalized approach to their everyday physical and spiritual practice.

Nina has been featured in:

  • YOGA (UK), 2013
  • NEW YOGA (USA), 2013
  • 8LIMBS (AUSTRALIA), 2013
  • YOGA MAGAZINE (UK), 2012
  • YOGA MAGAZINE (UK), 2012
  • YOGA MAGAZINE (UK), 2013

Maria Teresa Chavez, Nutrition Consultant & Certified Personal Trainer – has been in the fitness and nutrition industry for 10 years and specializes in weight loss, functional and high intensity interval training. She is also a trained dancer and utilizes her dance background to pair strength training with core and flexibility work to create long, lean and toned physiques. Her passion for fitness is complimented by her extensive study in the nutrition, holistic wellness and transformational fields. She believes that we all have the tools to heal ourselves from the inside out.

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Shannon Hinsdale, Relationship Specialist – A California native, I was born and raised on the Central Coast. I was very fortunate to be raised eating a wholesome diet composed of very fresh, whole foods. Being nourished with whole foods and surrounded by the natural beauty of the California coast, I have always been very active and loving of the outdoors. Health, nutrition, and overall well being are my passions. I am currently attending college to earn my bachelors in dietetics to become a Registered Dietitian. I have a good deal of experience in the sales of health products and other companies looking to change our food system. Helping to educate people on the power of food is very important to me. Aside from nutrition, I am also a competitive bodybuilder in the N.P.C. (National Physique Committee). My other hobbies include yoga, cooking/raw foods, hiking, enjoying nature, and biking.  



Lindsey Orellano, Brand Ambassador – has always been spiritually connected and excited to explore life’s many wonders with others . Her passion for yoga was introduced while watching videos by Rodney Yee and memorizing all his sequences. Lindsey immersed her days with practice at Golden Bridge, Yoga Works, Core Power Yoga, retreats and regular meditation. Following her personal vinyasa studies, Lindsey spent 2 full years on intense exploration into Kundalini Yoga followed by her teacher training at Earths Power Yoga where she became certified in Hot Power Yoga.

Lindsey infuses nature with the connection of mind, body and spirit in her practice and teaching. Her flows are meant to evoke inspiration and unconditional love for the self while tapping into individual inner rhythm.

Scott Wojnar, Sales Manager – Born and raised in Arizona, I grew up very active and played baseball my entire childhood for several teams including the little league World Series. I am an avid skateboarder as well and am always on the move. I have a passion for food and am always trying new things in my diet and am happy to enhance it with ancient botanicals. For work I have years of experience in sales in Arizona and have also spent time on the east coast doing sales and brand ambassador work for several other organic food companies.

Nicole Braley, Event Coordinator – Nicole’s message in life is to provide inspiration, wisdom, and guidance for the souls that seek to do what they love in life. Nicole’s passion for the mind, body, and soul began when she moved to Los Angeles. Her thirst for learning and understanding the body’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs continues to grow each day. She lives with the mindset that if her body is in balance, then she can continue to grow and expand in all her life goals and to inspire everyone that she meets.
Nicole also hosts self love workshops in the Los Angeles area to offer a safe space for those searching to go inward and be free of fears.