Cordyceps Promotes Exercise Endurance – Even Without You Having to Exercise!


Cordyceps medicinal mushroom is believed to promote longevity and health and improve athletic performance and endurance. However, the specific mechanism for fighting fatigue and boosting physical fitness has long remained a mystery to scientists.

Researchers at the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences in Delhi, India, set up a study to evaluate the exercise endurance promoting activities of Cordyceps Sinensis medicinal mushroom.

Cordyceps supplements were given orally to rats for a little over two weeks. The results were remarkable. Rats who did not exercise, but consumed Cordyceps, were able to improve their exercise endurance by 1.79-fold. Rats who exercised and consumed Cordyceps, increased their endurance 2.9-fold as compared to placebo rats, i.e. rats who did not receive any medicinal mushroom supplements.

According to researchers, the mechanism through which Cordyceps supplementation produced results, was the upregulation of the skeletal muscle metabolic regulators, angiogenesis and better glucose and lactate uptake.

Unbelievable, But True — Cordyceps Improves Endurance Even If You Are Not Exercising

What does this mean to you? The study clearly suggests that you can (or at least test animals could) improve your exercise endurance even if you are not exercising, simply by consuming Cordyceps supplements.

Does this work with humans as well? We will look into human clinical studies and will report back to you as soon as we have more information on medicinal mushrooms’ ability to boost exercise endurance in humans.

Courtesy of Medicinal Mushroom Info.

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