Persimmon Tricks & Treats and Thanksgiving Dinner w/Chef Jillian Love

Persimmon Tricks & Treats and Thanksgiving Dinner 
October Featured Recipe

A Treat that is a Trick – Rich Sweet Delicious with NO Sugar: NO Gluten: NO Dairy: NO Bake

Persimmon Pudding

  • 4 Ripe Persimmons allow to ripen on the counter till soft to the touch
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • ½ tsp nutmeg
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla
  • ¼ cup coconut oil (warmed till liquid)
*Optional Boost: Add a teaspoon of YogaVeda Synergistic Herbal Formula to superpower this pudding ~ added flavor boost plus energy enhancing and anti-inflammatory power! 

Remove seeds from the persimmon
Blend fruit, vanilla, salt and spices till really smooth like pudding 😉

Add Liquid coconut oil and blend till fully combined and the mixture is thick and creamy
Pour into a cup and top with some chopped pecans


(*Use a High Speed VITAMIX blender for best results – see discount code below)


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4 Persimmon Varieties at Your Farmers Market Now

The custardy flesh of a Hachiya, soft and squishy as jelly when it is ripe, makes a sweet, candy-like dessert. We must patiently wait until it is soft almost squishy  ripe, and then dig into the gelatinous goo. But woe is you if you try to eat a Hachiya before its time. This is known as an astringent variety, which means it will be bitter and unpleasant unless it is perfectly, squishy-ripe. 

Cinnamon Persimmons are a sub variety of Hachiya, except this kind isn’t astringent, so you can eat it when firm or slightly soft. The outside tends towards pale yellow, and the inside is speckled with cinnamon-colored flecks. 

The crisp Fuyu is also much more forgiving than a Hachiya, since you eat it when it is firm. Think of it like an apple, in that it is crisp, you eat the skin, and all you need remove is the top green leaves and maybe a small center core. I love to dehydrate these in myEXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR.  One of my fall favorite healthy and delicious snacks.

The Organic Sweet Pumpkin Persimmon is even sweeter than a Fuyu, a bit smaller, and eaten firm and crisp, like an apple. No need to peel the skin, unless you want to. These are gorgeous and delicious.

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Join Chef Jillian Love this Thanksgiving at Pena Pachamama Restaurant for an evening of fine dining, community, connection and celebration. Enjoy a Seasonally Influenced Abundantly Nourishing and Incredibly Delicious Gourmet Raw Thanksgiving Dinner.

dinner from 5-10
live music 8pm – 10pm 

Make Reservations and See Full Menu HERE

Pena Pachamama Restaurant
(415) 646-0018
1630 Powell Street  (between Union & Green)  San Francisco, CA 94133

Chef Jillian Love
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