I have been using T-Muscle for about two weeks, and feel great results. I find that I can do more in my workouts – using either bodyweight or weights. I can do more reps and also can use heavier weights. I also notices amazing morning erections, which make me feel younger again, and like a 20 years old guy I find my libido got a great push-up. I believe that all the ingredients make the difference – especially knowing that they are all organic, like most of the food that I consume daily. Thanks for such a great product.

– I. journalist, Jerusalem, Israel

At 60 years old I started weight training and started fuse botanica testosterone, fuse works great for me, extra energy and the taste is great , a little cayenne to give a wake up taste in my mouth. I highly recommend fuse botanica!

– Big Tom, PA


I used to race bicycles competitively for many years and I have tried just about every legal performance enhancing supplement in order to achieve that slight edge over the competition.However, I never really liked how most of them used added fillers.so when I came across BioEnergy from ancient botanicals which use only all natural and organic herbs and ingredients I thought I would test it out. even though I don’t race competitively any longer I still ride 25-40 miles daily on occasion with some pretty extreme hill work. So after two weeks, Here is what I noticed. first off I noticed an increase in mental alertness,then I noticed it became easier to maintain my average speed and actually increased it for the same route.my power output seemed to increase daily.hills that i normally had to get out of the saddle i could power up sitting down.also,my strength and energy levels stayed sustained for the whole workout. overall I like this product and feel it delivers on its message.However I would like to give it a full month’s test to be most accurate.I would recommend BioEnergy to anyone looking for sustained power and energy to maximize their athletic potential.

– T.J. active cyclist.



Yogaveda is a wonderful product that I was just introduced to. I added a tsp. to my smoothie and had incredible amounts of energy & clarity that followed me throughout my day! I love the purity of the ingredients & it seems that a lot of thought was put into creating a synergistic mix of herbs & medicinals. A great addition to my yoga practice.

– Jane D. Certified Yoga Instructor Boulder, CO.



Amazing product!!! If your looking for a Organic herbal energy source this one is the best, can’t say enough about this product except try it an you will see!

– L. Pennington, Kentucky



This product really gave me an energy boost and I really like that it’s 100% organic!

– Bruce, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Santa Monica, CA.